Easy Way To Fix The Properly Size Images Warning From PageSpeed Insights

Images are a staple on any website, but figuring out the right size for them can be tricky. After all, bigger images can slow down your site’s loading speed, which isn’t good for keeping visitors around.

When your site or images load slowly, it doesn’t just annoy people — it can also hurt your search rankings. If you’ve ever used Google’s PageSpeed Insights and seen the “Properly size images” warning, don’t worry. This article will show you how to fix it quickly.

Why properly size images on a WordPress site?

Your website should always display images that match the actual dimensions of the containers visible on the screen. Large images can seriously hamper your website’s performance, causing browsers to spend extra time downloading and rendering files, ultimately increasing bandwidth usage.

One common issue we’ve noticed on our clients’ websites is the uploading of images to the WordPress media library at their full resolution.

Other culprits include high-resolution images from phones or cameras, stock images meant for print, or large graphics not optimized for web use.

Here’s why properly sizing your images is important:

  • Bandwidth efficiency: By delivering images at the appropriate size for the device being used, you avoid wasting bandwidth. This not only conserves resources but also enhances the usability of your website.
  • Page speed: Less data means faster loading times for your content. Important for reducing bounce rates and ensuring a smooth user experience. Quick, seamless page loading is key to keeping visitors engaged.
  • SEO ranking: Adhering to quality guidelines, such as serving properly sized images, can positively impact your Google ranking. This simple optimization can give your website an edge in search engine results.
  • Consistent user experience: With users accessing websites from various devices, providing images at the right size ensures a pleasant and consistent browsing experience across platforms. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, users will appreciate a seamless display of content.

Easy way to properly size images on WordPress

Encountering the “properly size images” warning from Google is a common hiccup noted in PageSpeed Insights performance tests and GTmetrix audits.

The good news is that addressing this issue doesn’t have to eat up a lot of your time.

While manually adjusting image sizes might seem like a fix, it’s a time-intensive task and requires technical proficiency.

Instead of spending precious time and effort on manual tweaks, consider utilizing a convenient, all-in-one solution called FastPixel.

Benefits of the all-in-one solution to properly size images

FastPixel automatically adjusts image sizes based on the device’s resolution. This means you can rest assured that regardless of how visitors engage with your site, their experience remains consistently pleasant.

In terms of bandwidth usage, it’s essential to note that serving images at the appropriate size for each screen helps conserve bandwidth, a critical factor in loading speed optimization and avoiding issues with improperly sized images. With FastPixel, bandwidth is also saved through efficient image compression.

Moreover, various image file formats are compressed to optimal sizes and delivered in modern WebP format. This eliminates the need for manual compression, optimization, or resizing efforts that would otherwise consume your time and resources, whether through third-party applications or manual methods.

With FastPixel, these tasks are seamlessly handled, freeing you from manual labor and maximizing efficiency.

Overall, the main benefits of using FastPixel are:

User-friendly: Once activated, the plugin immediately begins its task without any hassle.

Efficient image delivery: Ensure images are properly sized and optimized for various screen dimensions, enhancing the browsing experience across devices.

Enhanced performance: Experience a tangible performance upgrade with accelerated website loading times, resulting in an improved performance score.


If you’ve received a less-than-ideal score on your PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix performance tests due to the “Properly Size Images” warning, FastPixel is the solution you need. By installing and activating the plugin, you can swiftly address this issue. Plus, it comes with various other benefits.

Give FastPixel a try for free

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