From Passion to Product: The Story and Mission of FastPixel

Welcome to our very first blog post! I’m thrilled to have you join us on this exciting new adventure. As we embark on this new venture together, it feels right to start from the beginning — to introduce ourselves, share our story, and articulate the mission that drives us every single day.

The origins

In the early days of our quest, starting in July 2014, we had a strong desire to revolutionize the image optimization space, and that’s when ShortPixel was born with the slogan “make the web smaller.”

Over the span of more than eight years, we have optimized over 15 billion images, and we take great pride in the fact that our WordPress plugins have been installed on over one million websites to date. For more insights into the importance of image and WordPress optimization in general, I recommend reading the Q/A with Alex Florescu, Head of ShortPixel, on ‘Why 1 Million Websites Use ShortPixel To Optimize Images‘.

During this period, we realized that many website owners struggled with slow WordPress sites, negatively impacting their online presence. Determined to address this problem, we envisioned a solution that could efficiently enhance website speed and user experience in a matter of minutes. That’s how we recently crossed paths with Aleksandr, who serves as both our partner and the mastermind behind FastPixel.

The current state of affairs

With Aleksandr at the helm, FastPixel begins to materialize. By combining his extensive expertise with a user-friendly approach, our aim is to create the premier WordPress caching plugin that makes website optimization accessible to everyone.

Our mission is clear and straightforward: to enhance the performance of WordPress sites through our innovative caching solution. We believe that a faster website creates a more engaging online environment, benefiting both businesses and end-users alike, so the primary objective is to provide a faster, more efficient, and smoother browsing experience for website visitors. As a result, we empower individuals and businesses to achieve higher rankings in search engines, retain more visitors, and improve their conversion rates.

Our value proposition lies in our unique approach to caching and our unwavering commitment to quality. Our caching plugin won’t be just a tool — it’s a carefully designed solution that considers multiple aspects of website performance optimization. We’re not merely here to sell a product; we’re here to provide an excellent solution to a pressing problem.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, our vision for the future is to launch the plugin officially, and then to continue innovating and enhancing it while staying true to our core mission.

We’re excited about the journey ahead and invite you to join us as we strive to make the web a faster place! We’re committed to providing not only a superior product but also excellent customer support, informative content, and an ongoing relationship that supports the success of WordPress sites of all shapes and sizes.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts where we’ll share more about our product, insights on website performance, and tips on how to maximize your site’s potential. Until then, happy browsing!

Give FastPixel a try

Download the plugin, install it on your WordPress website, and then check how much faster it becomes.

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Andrei Alba
Andrei Alba

Andrei Alba is a WordPress speed optimization specialist and wordsmith here at FastPixel. He enjoys helping people understand how WordPress works through his easily digestible materials.

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