How a Kid-Centric Portal Jumped from 34 to 90+ GTMetrix Score with FastPixel

Enter, a vibrant hub of kids’ activities and events, powered by WordPress. Seeking an edge in speed and performance without an abundance of plugins, GOKID discovered a game-changer: FastPixel.

Common problems faced before FastPixel

GOKID faced a timeless challenge: how to boost their WordPress site’s speed and performance without jeopardizing its reliability. They struggled to strike a balance between adding new features through plugins and maintaining a fast-loading site.

Driven by a goal to streamline their operations and ramp up their platform’s speed, they aimed to address several pressing issues.

A major hurdle was managing large, uncompressed images that slowed down the site’s loading. Additionally, poorly set up caching plugins worsened the problem, failing to capitalize on faster loading opportunities. Unoptimized elements, especially bulky CSS and JavaScript files without necessary functionalities, further hindered the site’s performance.

Moreover, the site suffered from inefficiencies caused by essential plugins that weren’t optimized for speed, inadvertently causing slow page load times.

By recognizing these challenges, GOKID set the stage for a transformation in optimizing their WordPress site. Their aim wasn’t just speed but achieving a harmonious blend of functionality and efficiency with minimal interference.

A big decision

Website owners typically either adopt a caching solution or a website accelerator for the first time or switch from an existing plugin to a more efficient one, aiming to find the ideal fit for their needs.

Faced with a critical decision, GOKID had to choose between continuing with their various current plugins or investigating an alternative solution to enhance their WordPress site’s performance.

Stefan’s team decided to tackle this challenge.

GOKID sought a scalable, efficient, and dependable solution. The company used various renowned plugins combined, including:

  • A plugin to serve images from a CDN
  • Critical CSS plugin
  • A caching plugin
  • Hosting provider performance plugin
  • Perfmatters
  • Cloudflare

After various experiments, in the end, FastPixel as an all-in-one solution emerged as the optimal choice, excelling in performance, efficiency, and reliability. Compared to all the solutions above, FastPixel shone in simplicity and compatibility with their website.

Impressively, FastPixel not only matched but also exceeded GOKID’s benchmarks while requiring minimal cost and maintenance!

Main-thread work – breakdown of CPU time spent before and after FastPixel

What do great performance results mean for this portal?

Great performance results for GOKID, the kid-centric portal, have been nothing short of transformational. The integration of FastPixel, specifically tailored for WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes, brought forth a wave of success stories and impressive metrics.

The team at GOKID found a game-changer in FastPixel, eliminating the need to constantly seek developer freelancers.

With FastPixel, technical proficiency isn’t a barrier” raves Stefan, the website owner at GOKID. “The simplicity combined with its robust performance makes it invaluable. We’ve witnessed remarkable enhancements in site speed and user engagement without the hassle of hiring developers to set things up”.

FastPixel’s influence spreads across different parts of the website. “Every area sees a real improvement“, notes Stefan. “The better performance numbers stay steady. It’s clear that a quicker, more seamless user experience connects directly to happier visitors“. without FastPixel with FastPixel

Simple configuration and exceptional support combined

Simple configuration proved to be a game-changer for Stefan and his team. “Implementing FastPixel was the turning point. We just had to install and activate it, as any other WordPress plugin“, Stefan recalls.

However, what truly set FastPixel apart was not just its seamless installation process. Beyond the initial setup, the team offered unparalleled support that went above and beyond. Their assistance wasn’t limited to troubleshooting; they provided personalized guidance, and resolved some compatibility issues”.

Gone were the days of juggling multiple plugins; in their place stood a streamlined, all-in-one efficient solution. Image optimization became a breeze, loading times were reduced significantly, and the site’s overall performance improved. The burden of managing individual plugins melted away, replaced by the simplicity of FastPixel’s approach.

With this exceptional support in their corner, Stefan’s team experienced a new level of ease in managing the performance of their site. Users navigated through events and activities effortlessly, leading to a decrease in bounce rates. Engagement metrics soared, signaling the success achieved with FastPixel.

Future-proofing with FastPixel

As mentioned above, GOKID encountered various challenges when it came to WordPress performance. These challenges were not just about addressing immediate issues but also revolved around ensuring sustained efficiency and adaptability in the long term.

With an architecture designed for ongoing updates and enhancements, GOKID’s platform remains dynamic and agile, and Fastpixel refined its trajectory, laying the groundwork for a future where speed and performance would seamlessly coexist.

A message to other WordPress portals

Lastly, Stefan highlights key aspects for any portal struggling with web performance challenges. According to him, the prime factors for a portal while selecting tools are user-friendliness and dependable technical support.

GOKID showcases the significance of achieving superior performance outcomes not just due to the FastPixel plugin itself but also owing to the support provided. Only a plugin with a proficient team can offer professional-grade assistance – and we require prompt expert support. Beyond that, FastPixel is the ideal solution for us because it meets our performance objectives. We are non-technical people, so simplicity holds immense value. This is precisely why FastPixel stands out as the ultimate choice in the market for us, without question.

Stefan – GOKID Owner

Test the performance of your WordPress site for free.

Take a brief pause to check the performance of your WordPress site for free and measure the before and after results to see the value FastPixel adds to your site.

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